Casting Director/Production Resources – Laura Montagna

Laura has lived and worked in Humboldt County since 1980, and enjoys being an innovative and vital resource for the north coast and the media arts scene.  She is affiliated with KEET TV PBS Broadcasting, Access Humboldt, Redwood Curtain Theatre and through her production company – Creative Type Productions, she works with local theaters and  schools,  while free lancing throughout Humboldt County.  In addition, she is the executive producer/director for a monthly live evening of improvisation entitled “Random Acts of Comedy” at the Arcata Theater Lounge.

During the summer of 2011, Laura was the creative producer for California State University and the Summer Arts Festival at Fresno State University and worked with Howard L. Ritter to develop “An Evening of Scenes” from theater, film and television.  The performance included an original work and a montage of famous monologues.  She enjoys collaborating with the community and students alike in an effort to showcase the arts.

Most recently, she is working on several local web series;  and she is the Curator/Organizer of TEDxYouth@HumboldtBay. She produced the live stream of TEDxEureka in 2012, and has worked on the live stream for the Kinetic Grand Championship for the last 5 years in a joint-venture with KIEM, KEET and the community.

Laura looks to continue to inspire artists from the community, the university and form an ensemble of actors and production types to develop those meaningful performance for all who appreciate the media arts of theater, film, television and video.


Founding Casting Director – Cassandra Hesseltine

Cassandra HesseltineRedwood Curtain Casting was founded by Cassandra Hesseltine with the support of Redwood Curtain Theater. Cassandra opened the doors in 2006 with experience as a film producer. During the five years she headed Redwood Curtain Casting, she cast works ranging from local college students senior projects to commercials like Good Year Tire to feature films such as “Humboldt County”. In 2010, Cassandra moved on from her position with Redwood Curtain Casting to become the Humboldt County Film Commissioner.


Testimonials for Cassandra’s Casting Work

Cassandra does not only offer myriad talents and an astoundingly congenial personality, but she also has one of the strongest work ethics I’ve ever seen. After she managed our extensive local casting process with outstanding efficiency, we asked her to take on several other roles, often simultaneously. Without fail, she completed her work before we needed it done, and she consistently produced results that exceeded our expectations. In short, if you are considering whether to bring Cassandra onto your team, I strongly encourage you to do so. You are making a mistake if you don’t.

– Jason Weiss, Producer, “Humboldt County”

My time working with Cassandra and her team from Redwood Curtain Casting on HUMBOLDT COUNTY was terrific. They did a fantastic job of assembling a talented and interesting group of actors for the film. They worked with speed and efficiency and made the entire experience of location casting in Humboldt most enjoyable.

-John Jackson, Casting Director (Election, About Schmidt, Sideways)

I was quite taken with Cassandra’s ability to hold together a very difficult project: no one’s colors shined more brightly than Cassandra’s. Although she was the Producer on the project, in fact she was forced to wear many hats and operate at a level far above what had been asked of her. Her attitude and enthusiasm set the example for the whole crew. She was truly was the glue that held the production together. Cassandra’s crossover talents in production, casting, writing and communication would make her a welcome addition to any team. I can only hope that I get the chance to work with her again in the future, unless I can find some way to clone her.

-Hoyt Richards, Archetype Entertainment, Warner Bros.

Cassandra went to war with me. If and when I go back, I want her fighting by my side again. In 2001, I produced an independent movie on a shoe-string budget. Originally, I hired Cassandra to help with the casting but she quickly proved her value and by the end of the movie she was a Producer and Assistant Director.Cassandra is a diamond.

-Rob Tossberg, Executive Producer, Sound and Fury Productions